Did you know that the market price of live crawfish changes daily? The live crawfish market pricing is based on a simple Supply and Demand model that Corpus Christi Crawfish follows. The less live crawfish that are harvested, the higher the price is for the live crawfish on the open market.

As you can see in the below graph, the annual live crawfish harvest trends down in January and into Febrary. In March, we should see the crawfish harvest rise. The more crawfish that are harvested, the lower the crawfish market price will be.

We at Corpus Christi Crawfish do our best to hold our prices for fresh, delivered, crawfish week by week. If anything drastic changes in the crawfish market, then we will always let our customer group know immediatly! What’s more, if you have a pre-order placed with us, we will honor your ordered price regarless of our increased cost. Visit www.corpuschristicrawfish.com to place your next preorder.

Graph of live crawfish harvest related to live crawfish prices